Precision Dentistry

What makes Microscope Assisted Precision Dentistry better? It allows us to enhance the treatment above and beyond the normal magnification commonly used today in most dental offices. A higher level of magnification lets us see areas that might otherwise be missed, therefore providing our clients with a more thorough level of service. This is what distinguishes us from most other practices, and what keeps our clients coming back for the highest quality dental care possible.

Furthermore, with over 40 years experience in dentistry and a strong commitment to progressive research and information on dental treatments and materials, we are able to provide our clients with a wide variety of options when it comes to procedures and materials.

Dr Garry Lunn has spent many years in study clubs honing his clinical skills and keeping current with dental procedures and materials.

In addition he has participated in an advanced orthodontic study club at UBC for 10 years. Dr. Garry Lunn is a Clinical Assistant professor at UBC. He has taught there over a decade, and sessional lecture at the U of A faculty of dentistry, with hundreds of hours of post-graduate continuing education in dentistry over the years in all disciplines.