EZlase - Laser Teeth whitening


We offer ezlase whitening, a laser teeth whitening system that is fast, safe and an effective way to dramatically brighten your smile.  The simple procedure can be done in the office in about 20 minutes.  To allow for set up and post op procedures we will need 1 hour.  Results have shown a change of 3 to 8 shades in one sitting.  Superior results to other systems without the hassle of long appointments and having to comply with trays and gels.   This system is faster than any other on the market.  The process lightens dark, yellowed or discolored enamel as a result of tobacco, food, and beverages such as tea, coffee and red wine.  Significant results are noticeable immediately after the procedure.


What you Need to Know Before you Whiten your Teeth

  • Discontinue the use of Tobacco/alcohol containing products prior to the whitening procedure.
  • Crowns or caps, veneers or white fillings will not change color as your natural teeth change
  • It is best done after a cleaning
  • You may experience sensitivity at the time of treatment and for a short time thereafter.
  • If you have allergies to hydrogen peroxide, resin based materials, you are pregnant or nursing whitening is contraindicated.

After the Whitening

  • Do not consume products that stain teeth up to 48 hours after treatment, such as , some fruits, coffee, red wine, tomato sauces, tea, tobacco etc. (anything that would stain a white shirt)
  • If the teeth remain sensitive we can make custom trays for the use of desensitizing materials application.


This is a simple procedure used in our office to whiten the teeth in one setting

Before and After



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