Is oral cancer a concern?


According to Health Canada and the BC Cancer Agency, the incidence of Oral Cancer is rising. It is the 13th most common cancer in Canada, with a 5-year survival rate of 63%.

Some Oral Cancer risk factors include smoking, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, HPV infection, sun exposure, and age (40+).

Early detection increases the likelihood of successful treatment, and dental professionals are often the first to identify a potentially cancerous lesion. Drs. Lunn and Tuckwood perform a cancer screening along with your dental examination. We also offer the VELscope™ device that further increases our ability to find cancerous lesions early.

We can also discuss smoking cessation with you, to help eliminate one of the major risk factors of Oral Cancer.

Please let us know if you are interested in making this a part of your next appointment.

Oral Cancer may present as:

- red or white lesions
- bleeding, sore or ulcerated areas
- abnormal growths that change with time
- difficulty swallowing
- lesions that do not heal after 2-3 weeks