Preventative Dentistry

  • Extensive preliminary examination
  • Intra Oral Photography
  • X-rays
  • Sports guard mouth protectors
  • Caries Management
  • Sealants (to prevent decay on the chewing surfaces of teeth-no drilling -no freezing)
  • Oral Cancer screening (intraoral vs. inter oral evaluation and use of the Vel-Scope a new florescent diagnostic tool) Dr. Lunn was part of a focus group doing work for the Oral Cancer Preventative Program in BC.
  • Oral Diagnosis with use of schematics, diagrams, and diagnostic information discussed with each patient to help make an informed, mutual decision regarding proposed treatment.
  • Oral Hygiene Services (periodontal evaluation, scaling, root planing, anti microbial therapies, tooth polishing, tooth desensitizing treatments and individualized oral hygiene instruction)