Why Our Service Is Better

The dental office of Dr. Garry Lunn offers a wide range of services from Preventative Dentistry including examinations, x-rays, sealants, etc.., Restorative Dentistry such as cosmetic, crowns and bridges, dental implants, etc.., to Endodontics, Periodontics and a host of other treatments and procedures. What sets his practice apart from the others is a unique combination of clinical experience and skill, continuing education and research, and the use of microscopes.

Dr. Garry Lunn has amassed an impressive 40-plus years of dental experience, the very foundation for the high level of quality service his clients have come to depend on. This background provides his clients with additional treatment options and a professional approach to the vast list of procedures available to choose from that only experience can afford.

The dedication to the dental industry through progressive research into treatment options and products coupled with his desire to continually educate both himself and others in the field have allowed him to offer his clients not only a unique variety of dental procedures and products, but also alternatives to those commonly used.

Dr. Garry Lunn specializes in oral diagnosis with the use of schematics, diagrams, and diagnostic information discussed with each patient, thus enabling them to make an informed, mutual decision regarding the proposed treatment. This is a distinguishing feature that few dentists take the time or have the expertise to do. Dr. Garry Lunn has had extensive training in this area enabling him to lecture on this particular technique to his peers at a meeting of the Canadian Academy of Restorative Dentists.

Lastly, Dr. Garry Lunn utilizes microscopes to perform a more thorough, precise form of dental care. This enhanced magnification uncovers areas not normally attainable and is a very unique part of his practice.

Experience, education, skill and cutting edge technology. This is what you can expect to find from Dr. Garry Lunn and Associates.